Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

Warehouse management finished!

Warehouse Management
• Multi-warehouse capability.
• Minimum stock control and inventory overview.
• Transfer items between warehouses and /or storage spaces.
• Ability to correct the current items stock.
• Warehouse filtering feature.
• Detailed warehouse report as PDF, Word, Excel or Email.


• Graphical user interface and documents in six languages.
• Several document templates for offers, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, etc.
• Ability to add your own company logo in the head of the document.
• Add your own tax in accordance with your own country's laws.
• Selection from your own country's currency.
• Ability to connect your own Email account through POP3 to send documents.
• Creating and defining your own documents and articles numbering.
• Mapping your own country’s currency, date format and sales price rounding format.
• Up to five users can work simultaneously.
• 99.8% of time available thanks second backup Internet connection.
• Daily backups.
• Available and accessible from anywhere.
• High browser compatibility: Microsoft Explorer (also Windows Mobile Explorer), Google Chrome, Apple Safari (also iPhone and iPad Safari), Firefox, Opera and RockMelt.

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